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Journey to Planet Lem

PR dla Zagranicy
Peter Gentle 15.06.2011 11:17
A new theatrical production inspired by the works of the late writer Stanislaw Lem will be one of the crowning cultural features of Poland's forthcoming presidency of the EU council.


Planet Lem, by award-winning Poznan ensemble Teatr Biuro Podrozy, will begin its world tour in London on 1 July, chiming in with the launch of the six-month presidency.

The production draws on the extensive legacy of the late master, whose works have been rendered into 41 languages, making him one of Poland's most translated authors.

Often pigeon-holed as a science fiction writer, Lem famously remarked that he was not a fan of the genre.

Most famed for his novel Solaris, Lem is perhaps best-loved in Poland for The Cyberiad, a collection of “cybernetic fables” that has been hailed as one of the wittiest Polish books of the last century.

Planet Lem will reveal a dystopian world where artificial intelligence keeps the inhabitants placid.

“Lem's genius lies not only in the fact that he was actually able to predict precise technological advancements,” says director Pawel Szkotak.

“He also had the perspicacity to foresee their impact, the way they would affect and change man... Technological advancement is capable of both answering and creating needs. At the same time, it introduces virtually unlimited possibilities for control and manipulation.”

Music has been specially commissioned to accompany the production, with composer Krzysztof Nowikow rising to the challenge.

Following the UK launch, subsequent performances of Planet Lem are planned for such far-flung destinations as Brussels, Beijing, Moscow and Tokyo, taking in several European capitals along the way. (nh)

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