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Drunken men torment tigers in Polish zoo

PR dla Zagranicy
Nick Hodge 02.05.2016 11:51
A group of inebriated men apparently 'stabbed tigers with pointed sticks' at the New Zoo in Poznań, western Poland, on Sunday.
Photo: Facebook/Zoo Poznań

According to a statement released by the zoo, the men used pointed sticks to make a hole in the fence of the tiger enclosure, and then proceeded to beat and stab the animals.

One man, who was described as 'the ringleader' by the zoo, was apprehended by security staff, but he then managed to flee the scene.

Police are investigating the matter.

Drunken incidents are not unprecented during Poland's long May weekend, and there is typically a rash of alchohol-related car accidents over the break. (nh)

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