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Polish doctors for Cameroon

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Roberto Galea 15.02.2016 08:25
A team of Polish doctors leave for Cameroon this week to provide medical assistance to local patients.
Photo: Pexels.comPhoto: Pexels.com

The 12-strong group, consisting of four surgeons, two anaesthesiologists, a dermatologist, an eye specialist and a medical student, will be based in the newly-opened hospital in Sangmelima, southern Cameroon.

Andrzej Matyja, Chairman of the Regional Physicians’ Council in Kraków, a co-organiser of the project, has told the Polish Press Agency that around 600 patients will be offered surgical treatment. “As there is no free medical service in Cameroon, they would most probably be denied treatment if it were not for Polish assistance,” he said.

One of the initiators of the scheme, Cameroonian-born surgeon George Kamtoh, who studied in Kraków and currently works there, has said: “We are aware of the fact that our help is a mere drop in the ocean, but we give these people what is most important for every human being, that is health. I am very happy that there are people of good will who decided to go and work in Cameroon, even though they do not need it for their professional careers.”

The team are taking with them medicines and medical equipment, as well as school bags, T-shirts, pens and sports equipment for a local school.

It is the third Polish medical project in Cameroon. During the first visit, in 2008, 80 hernia operations were performed, and in 2011 many more, far more complicated, surgical procedures were performed by Polish doctors. (mk/rg)

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