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Movie planned about WWII Polish spy Krystyna Skarbek

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Nick Hodge 22.09.2015 16:44
The story of one of World War II's most intriguing spies could be destined for the silver screen, with a recent biography of Polish femme fatale Krystyna Skarbek providing the source material.
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US production company Bluegrass Films has optioned British author Clare Mulley's book 'The Spy who Loved', a well-received 2012 biography of Skarbek.

Bluegrass's Scott Stuber, whose previous credits include 'The Break-up' and 'Ted', is set to produce the movie together with Dylan Clark ('Rise of the Planet of the Apes').

Cat Vasko, whose debut script 'Queen of the Air' was sold to Warner Bros earlier this year, has been hired to write the screenplay.

Krystyna Skarbek was born the daughter of an impoverished Polish nobleman and a wealthy Polish-Jewish heiress.

After her country was overrun by Germany and the Soviet Union in September 1939, she worked for Britain's Special Operations Executive (SOE), using the pseudonyms of Christine Granville and Pauline Armand.

Her exploits have become the stuff of legend. Having been parachuted into Nazi-occupied France, she once walked into a police station and convinced the Nazis that they must release several of her resistance colleagues, so as to save their own skins.

After the war, she could see no future Poland, where a Soviet-backed communist regime had been installed. As fate would have it, an entanglement in the the UK led to a tragic end.

Bluegrass's project is not the first attempt to bring Skarbek's life to the silver screen. In February 2009, director Agnieszka Holland ('In Darkness', 'The Secret Garden'), announced plans to make a movie about the spy, but the plans appear to have fallen by the wayside. (nh/rk)

Source: deadline.com

Listen to an interview with author Clare Mulley about Krystyna Skarbek and the book 'The Spy who Loved'

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