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Russian diplomat – How many Russians did Sikorski kill?

PR dla Zagranicy
Peter Gentle 08.08.2011 14:27
Moscow's ambassador to NATO found himself at the centre of a media storm this morning after he wondered on his Facebook page about “how many Russians did Poland's foreign minister kill” while in Afghanistan in the 1980s working as a journalist.

Photo posted on Facebook page

Ambassador Dimitry Rogozin sparked the affair by uploading a provocative photograph of Radoslaw Sikorski onto his Facebook networking page.

Sikorski is pictured in the Afghanistan wilderness, dressed in desert gear with a gun strapped to his chest.

Poland's foreign minister – who defected to Britain from communist Poland - served as a war correspondent for the UK’s Spectator magazine in Afghanistan during the late eighties, covering part of Moscow's long-running war in the country.

Rogozin added a own note below the picture: “I wonder how many of ours he killed?” he wrote.

The remark prompted a wave of aggressive comments directed at Sikorski and Poles in general under the post.

Rogozin is the former leader of the Russian nationalist Rodina (Family) party.

Rogozin is thought to want to return to domestic politics. Resigning his post at NATO in Brussels would pave the way for a re-launch of his role as a nationalist leader.

Minister Sikorski has yet to comment on the issue. (nh/pg)

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