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Poland target of Russian disinformation during EU elections

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Agnieszka Bielawska 15.06.2019 15:20
Russian sources tried to undermine European vote says European Commission

Poland was the target of Russian disinformation activity during the European Parliament election campaign . A report published on Friday in Brussels, prepared by European Commission experts , found that Russian groups targeted the European election with fake news . “The evidence collected revealed a continued and sustained disinformation activity by Russian sources aiming to suppress turnout and influence voter preferences,” reads the report. "These covered a broad range of topics, ranging from challenging the Union’s democratic legitimacy to exploiting divisive public debates on issues such as of migration and sovereignty."
The group of EU experts dealing with combatting disinformation, noted over a thousand examples of interference into European election campaigns in member countries among them Poland, Latvia, Spain, France or Great Britain .
Julian King the European Commissioner for Security Union , gave examples from Poland “ there was false information spread by a pro Kremlin Sputnik , that since joining the EU Poland had become more impoverished that in communist times” he said. There also appeared reports ,attributed to Russia, that the European Union has Nazi roots.

The commission noted that despite the disinformation action , EU member states were well prepared to fend the attacks , and no massive , spectacular actions were noted .

Since December last year the European Commission has taken concrete steps to fight disinformation .Social media portals and internet companies report to the Commission about the number of false accounts, disinformation materials , identified bots or transparency of political advertisements, to make sure who finances and stands behind them .

Source IAR

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