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Ukraine is not Russia’s ‘ultimate goal', expert warns of 'world war'

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Grzegorz Siwicki 14.12.2018 13:30
Occupying Ukrainian territory is not Russia's ultimate goal, but only part of preparations for a broader offensive that may affect countries including Poland, an Ukrainian expert has been quoted as saying.
Kremlin. Photo: Wikimedia Commons/alexandergusev.com (CC BY-SA 3.0).Kremlin. Photo: Wikimedia Commons/alexandergusev.com (CC BY-SA 3.0).

Valentyn Petrov, head of Information Security at the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine, claimed that Russia could in fact be preparing for a “world war,” Poland’s niezalezna.pl news website reported on Friday.

"If you look at modern Russian military initiatives, you may say that it is not only a preparation for a war with Ukraine, it is one of the elements of a broader strategic deployment of the Russian offensive machine,” Petrov said, as quoted by Ukraine’s National Security and Defence Council on its rnbo.gov.ua website.

He added: “In fact, we can talk about preparations for [a] world war.”

A “global conflict may be unleashed in the coming years,” the rnbo.gov.ua website said, citing Petrov.

"All plans for rearmament of large powers, in particular, the Russian Federation, are scheduled for 2023-2025,” Petrov said, as quoted by rnbo.gov.ua.

“The world can be prepared for a global conflict literally in 6 years, but it can break out even earlier.”

In a hypothetical third world war, "Russia, strengthened by Ukraine's resources, will be a completely different Russia," Petrov said, according to his country’s National Security and Defence Council.

Petrov also argued next year would be “vital” for Ukraine because of presidential and parliamentary elections in that country “in which the aggressor will try to interfere,” rnbo.gov.ua reported.

"It is absolutely clear that our opponent will try to take advantage of this,” Petrov said, according to the Ukrainian National Security and Defence Council.

He added that “military units are being deployed at the border.”

“It is really a terrible force, and this force is not only for Ukraine - it is to pass through Ukraine and move further, enter the Baltic States and Poland through Belarus," Petrov asserted, as quoted by the Ukrainian website.


Source: niezalezna.pl, rnbo.gov.ua

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