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Russia should stop occupation of Crimea, says Poland

PR dla Zagranicy
Paweł Kononczuk 16.03.2018 16:36
Russia will “feel the painful consequences of sanctions and isolation” unless it returns to complying with international law, the Polish foreign ministry said on Friday, four years after Moscow annexed Crimea.

“It is now four years since Russia invaded Ukraine and seized Crimea,” the Polish foreign ministry said in a statement posted on its website.

“The violation of territorial integrity of a sovereign state and the illegal occupation have undone the legacy of the peaceful end of the Cold War confrontation and the opening of the international community and Russia to cooperation at the turn of the century,” the statement added.

The Polish foreign ministry urged respect for Ukraine’s territorial integrity and said it considered Crimea to be part of Ukraine.

“Together with the democratic international community, we reiterate our call on Russia to stop the occupation of Crimea and withdraw from its strategy of using force as a means of pursuing foreign policy. It contributes to increasing instability of the global security order and may lead to further escalation of tensions in international relations,” the foreign ministry statement added.


Source: msz.gov.pl

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