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Plan to change labour rules set to hit Poland?

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Victoria Bieniek 02.03.2018 14:20
The European Commission and Parliament have negotiated a preliminary compromise on so-called posted workers which will make it tougher for Polish companies to send labour abroad, Polish Radio's IAR news agency has reported.
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The proposed changes to the European Union's labour rules could see more red tape and higher costs for companies, according to IAR.

The planned new rules mean that a worker will need to be paid at least the minimum wage of the country they are in, even if they are employed by a company registered in their home country.

According to IAR, European employers have called the proposed new rules a victory for economic protectionism, while European trade unions are satisfied.

Changes to the European Union's labour rules have been challenged by Poland which fears Polish companies could go bankrupt, IAR said.

According to the news agency, Poland sees the attempt to change the rules as a way to eliminate cheaper labour from Western Europe.

Polish MEP Danuta Jazłowiecka said the proposed rule was "very dangerous" because it enabled protectionism.

Poland has long been in talks with Brussels and a handful of eurozone countries which want all workers to be paid the local rate.

Of European Union nationals working outside their home country, most are from Poland.

They include truck drivers, who could become less competitive if they are to earn the equivalent of their counterparts in countries such as Germany and France.

The European Parliament and member states must approve the proposed rules before changes take place.

European Union labour ministers are expected to meet on 15 March. (vb/pk)

Source: IAR

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