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EU suggests limiting budget for disrespect of rule of law

PR dla Zagranicy
Victoria Bieniek 28.06.2017 13:57
A link between respect for the rule of law by European Union members and allocation of funds by the bloc has been made in the European Commission’s latest budget reflection paper.
Photo: European ParliamentPhoto: European Parliament

The reflection paper, which along with four earlier sister-papers and a January white paper, will be grounds for upcoming talks to determine a new 2020-2025 budget.

In the latest paper, published on Wednesday, the European Commission suggested that access to European Union funds should reflect the extent to which European values, including peace, democracy and rule of law, are upheld.

“Upholding EU core values when developing and implementing EU policies is key,” the commission said in its paper.

“There have been new suggestions in the public debate to link the disbursement of EU budget funds to the state of the rule of law in Member States. Respect for the rule of law is important for European citizens, but also for business initiative, innovation and investment, which will flourish most where the legal and institutional framework adheres fully to the common values of the Union,” it added.

“There is hence a clear relationship between the rule of law and an efficient implementation of the private and public investments supported by the EU budget.”

Poland has been embroiled in a rule-of-law spat with the commission since shortly after the conservative Law and Justice (PiS) party swept to power in October 2015 and broad-reaching changes to the country’s legislative ensued. (vb)

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