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Polish soldiers help rescue hostages in Afghanistan

PR dla Zagranicy
Victoria Bieniek 30.05.2017 10:49
Polish commandos have helped rescue hostages held by the Taliban in Afghanistan, Polish Defence Minister Antoni Macierewicz has said.
Polish special forces soldier. Photo: Twitter.com/MONPolish special forces soldier. Photo: Twitter.com/MON

"Afghan special forces soldiers, with the support of Polish soldiers and the US airforce, have rescued 11 hostages from the hands of the Taliban," Macierewicz said.

"This is a great success for Afghan special forces and the Polish commandos who trained them," he added. "It is a blow in the fight against terrorism."

Macierewicz said that four of the hostages were police officers, two were soldiers, and five were civilians, who had been imprisoned and tortured for four months in a prison in the Helmand province, southern Afghanistan.

Macierewicz added the Helmand province was "where Taliban influence is greatest" and is "fully controlled by... terrorists".

He said: "The contribution of Polish special forces in restoring peace and security to Afghanistan is really significant."

Macierewicz added that Polish soldiers planned and supported the operation to rescue the hostages but do not take part in direct combat in Afghanistan. (vb/pk)

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