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Polish left-wingers urge support for Labour in UK election

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Roberto Galea 12.05.2017 11:21
Polish left-wing groups have called on Poles in the UK to support the Labour Party in the upcoming British parliamentary election, a statement by the Polish branch of Labour International has said.
Britain's Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn. Photo: EPA/WILL OLIVER Britain's Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn. Photo: EPA/WILL OLIVER

Several Polish left-wing parties and groups, including the Democratic Left Alliance (SLD) party and the Polish Socialist Party, have signed the statement, coming out strongly in support of a Labour government led by Jeremy Corbyn.

“The forthcoming parliamentary elections in Britain are of crucial importance for the whole of Europe. In recent years we have seen a right-wing surge across the continent, as the policies of austerity have led to a rise in right-wing populism and nationalism,” the statement said.

The Conservative government in the UK, led by Theresa May, “is leading the country towards a disastrous hard Brexit from the European Union”, the statement said, adding that the party’s aim is “to make Britain a low-cost economy on the peripheries of Europe and to use the opportunity to drive down salaries, workers’ rights and social spending.”

The signatories of the statement appealed to Poles living in Britain to vote Labour "if they are able to vote and to support and help in the Labour Party’s election campaign”.

The UK general election will be held on 8 June. According to recent polls quoted by leading UK papers, the Conservative party is leading with support at around 46.5 percent, while Labour is polling at just above 29 percent on average.


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