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Russia's greatest asset is its ability to disseminate misinformation: opinion

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Roberto Galea 10.04.2017 14:21
Russia's greatest asset in "conquering Europe" is its ability to disseminate misinformation about itself, writes Piotr Lisiewicz for niezalezna.pl.
KremlKremlFoto: Flickr.com/Larry Koester

“One of the syndicated rumours says that Putin is an irrational psychopath. It's not true,” Lisiewicz wrote in an opinion piece published on the website on Monday. “Yes, Moscow is capable of atrocities unimaginable to Westerners, blasting building inhabited by their own citizens.”

But Russia uses these atrocities “very rationally”, he says, “only if it can benefit from them”.

“Another piece of misinformation is putting into people's heads that the Russian services are acting like a drunken Vanya driving their tractor into a ditch”.

The truth is the exact opposite, he says. Russian activities are as “precise as Japanese technology or a Swiss watch”.

“Poles defeated Russia in 1920 because they understood all the deceits from Moscow. On 10 April, 2010, Moscow struck a state whose inhabitants – after 50 years of communism and 20 years of post-communism – were deprived of their identity. A state in which the role of the elite is played by idiots willing to believe that a KGB colonel wants reconciliation, and burn candles under the monuments of the Red army.

“If Poland did not have such elites, Smolensk would not have happened because it would not be profitable for Russia. Primitive economism is utter nonsense, and identity is a very important weapon.”

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