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Polański's victim 'happy' he will not be extradited from Poland

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Nick Hodge 28.11.2015 12:39
The woman at the heart of the 1977 case that prompted Roman Polanski to flee America has said she is pleased the director will not be deported from Poland.
Roman Polański. Photo: wikimedia commonsRoman Polański. Photo: wikimedia commons

Samantha Geimer was 13-years-old when Polanski had sex with her as a minor, but she later publicly forgave him.

A Polish prosecutor's office confirmed on Friday that it will not appeal against the October ruling of a Kraków court, which held that extradition is not permissible.

I'm pleased and happy that he can go on more comfortably with his life and not worry about this anymore, Geimer said in an interview with the New York Daily News.

I have forgiven him and moved on, she added.

He pleded guilty, served his time, and I'm not quite sure what anyone expects beyond that.

That's satisfactory to me - it should be to everyone."

Polański had taken plea deal in 1977, served 42 days prior to being sentenced for unlawful sex with a minor.

However, he fled the US to France after being informed that the judge was planning to ignore the Probation Department's recommendations and give him an extended sentence.

In 2009, while entering Switzerland to receive a prize at the Zurich Film Festival, Polański was arrested, as a US request for his extradition had been freshly submitted. However, Swiss authorities ultimately backed down after keeping him under house arrest for several months (he has a villa in Gstaad).

The director returned to France, but he has frequently visited Poland, where he had grown up in a secular Jewish family in the city of Kraków. He intends to make his next film in Poland, hence his recent stay in the country. (nh/rk)

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