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Polish interior minister plays WWII card in response to EU criticism

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Nick Hodge 17.11.2015 13:42
Poland's new minister of the interior chose to revive the country's World War II losses in response to criticism by President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz that Poland is not showing solidarity amid the refugee crisis.
Голова МВС Маріуш БлащакГолова МВС Маріуш БлащакPAP/Jacek Turczyk

German Social Democrat Schulz had said that when Poland feels threatened by Russia and calls for more weapons, troops and funds, Europe shows solidarity,” but he argued that Poland is trying to palm off the refugee crisis as “a German problem.”

Poland's interior minister Mariusz Błaszczak described Schulz's remarks as “scandalous”, in an interview with news channel TVN 24.

We are talking in Warsaw,” Błaszczak said.

Warsaw was destroyed by the Germans,” he added, recalling the fate of the city following the 1944 Warsaw Uprising against the Nazi German occupiers.

I think that Martin Schulz would not formulate such statements in relation to Israel,” he argued.

Błaszczak likewise claimed that the EU had not shown solidarity with Poland over the Nord Stream II gas pipeline. Plans for the pipeline, which bypass Poland, envisage Russian gas being pumped below the Baltic Sea to Germany.

Polish ministers have argued that the project not only bypasses Poland as lucrative transit country, but likewise risks giving Russia a monopoly on gas supplies to the EU.

Before taking office, Poland's new minister for European affairs Konrad Szymanski said over the weekend that he sees no political possibilities for implementing the decision on the relocation of refugees.”

The country's previous government, which was voted out on 25 October, had promised to take in 7,000 refugees as part of the EU action. (nh)

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