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Syrian refugees still fear for loved ones

PR dla Zagranicy
Roberto Galea 12.07.2015 12:00
A large number of the 158 Syrian Christians who landed in Warsaw on Friday night are happy that they can start anew, but some fear for the families they left behind.
Photo: PAP/Marcin ObaraPhoto: PAP/Marcin Obara

“Most of the people who came to Poland are happy,” Miriam Shaded, head of the Estera Foundation, told the TVN broadcaster on Sunday.

“Ninety-five percent of the people approached me and thanked me -- they had a positive response. They said they want to immediately go to work. They do not want any money, just immediately go to work,” Shaded, who comes from a Polish-Syrian family, said.

“This is very encouraging,” she admitted.

Some of the people were terrified for the family they left behind in the country, parts of which have been taken over by the militant Islamic State.

A large majority of the refugees did not show their faces to local media agencies fearing for the safety of their loved ones back in Syria.

“I hope that this is just the first step, the first step to save more families. Unfortunately, I'm now thinking about those who were left behind,” Shaded explained.

The Estera Foundation was key in bringing these refugees into the country, and has arranged or rented lodgings for them around Poland.

“I thank all the volunteers, I did not sleep at night, there was a lot of stress, but it worked out. When our emotions subside, then we will really enjoy it, for the time being I have no strength,” Shaded said. (rg)

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