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Poland deploys hawks, falcon on mission to protect Lithuanian air space

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Aleksander Nowacki 25.03.2015 16:53
The Polish air force has deployed hawks and falcons on a foreign military mission.
A bird on a mission. Photo: commons.wikimedia.orgA bird on a mission. Photo: commons.wikimedia.org

The Polish MiG 29 M fighter jets, deployed to the Šiauliai airport in the Baltic nation of Lithuania, which lacks its own air force, are under the protection of hawks and falcons enlisted for service in the Polish armed forces, daily Rzeczpospolita reports.

The predators are used to chase away other birds, which could pose a threat to the airplanes.

Three falcons and a hawk have been deployed to the Lithuanian airport for three weeks now.

The birds come from the military base of Mińsk Mazowiecki near Warsaw. (an)

Source: Rzeczpospolita

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