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Poland set for territorial expansion - peacefully

PR dla Zagranicy
Aleksander Nowacki 06.03.2015 15:55
Poland is set to expand territorially at the expense of the Czech Republic.
Sudety mountain range. How about here then? Photo: commons.wikimedia.orgSudety mountain range. How about here then? Photo: commons.wikimedia.org

While Poland is gaining new territory, no conflict with its south-western neighbour is on the horizon, daily Gazeta Wyborcza reported on Friday. The countries are merely set to complete a 1958 land-swap agreement.

Under that deal, Poland handed over 1,205 hectares of meadows to the then Czechoslovakia, getting a mere 838 hectares in return.

To make things even, the Czechs will now return the missing 368 hectares plus nearly 40 additional hectares to make up for any losses due to difficult terrain.

The Czech government is currently drafting the proposal to hand over the land, probably in the picturesque Sudety mountain range. (an)

Source: Gazeta Wyborcza

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