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Sikorski: 'Poland unfairly slammed over CIA black sites'

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Nick Hodge 25.07.2014 10:16
Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski said it is unfair to slam Poland, after the European Court of Human Rights found Warsaw had cleared a CIA black site where terrorists were then tortured.

Radoslaw Sikorski: photo - wikipedia

Sikorski argued that several European countries had been named as possible locations of CIA black sites, with allegations originally made by Human Rights Watch in 2005.

“Poland is the only country which is leading an investigation into this matter, so it is very unfair to pillory Poland,” Sikorski told the TVN24 news channel.

“Because we did not torture anyone, and we are investigating the matter,” he said.

Thursday's judgement concerns Abd Al Rahim Hussayn Muhammad Al Nashiri, a Saudi of Yemeni descent, and Zayn Al-Abidin Muhammad Husayn, a stateless Palestinian known as Abu Zubaydah, who say they were tortured in 2002 at a CIA black site in Poland.

Leszek Miller (Democratic Left Alliance), who was prime minister at the time when the black site allegedly functioned, has consistently denied the existence of such a facility in recent years.

He slammed the judgement on Thursday.

"It is injust, because it is based on rumours, speculations and slanders,” he claimed.

“Material provided by Polish authorities was rejected and went unchecked by the Court.

“[The judgement is] immoral because the Court put above the rights of murderers and terrorists over the rights of their victims,” he argued.

Nevertheless, while Miller has repeatedly denied the allegations, former president Alekansder Kwasniewski indicated in May 2012 that such a site was approved.

“Of course everything went on behind my back,” he commented then.

Kwasniewski said yesterday that Poland had acted in good faith in its relations with America.

“Of course, I am not by any means justifying breaking the law, I do not justify any actions that were taken by the Americans, if they were illegal.

“On the other hand, I believe that the Polish government, the Polish authorities, led then by Leszek Miller, I, as president, the relevant institutions, behaved in accordance with the interests of the Polish state,” Kwasniewski said.

Poland's investigation into the black site, allegedly located at Stare Kiejkuty, northern Poland, was opened in 2008, but its has been repeatedly prolonged. (nh)

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