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Poles send parcels to Ukrainians in need

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Peter Gentle 13.04.2014 14:00
The Caritas Polska charity and Polish Post Office have already delivered over 9,000 parcels containing food and clothing to crisis-hit Ukrainians as part of the ‘Family for Family’ campaign.

downtown Kharkiv, Ukraine, 13 April 2014. The Ukrainian government in Kiev has sent special forces soldiers to the eastern city of Slaviansk after armed pro-Russian activists seized police buildings in the city on 12 April: phooto - EPA/SERGEY KOZLOV

“A personal letter may also be included in the parcels,” Pawel Keska, spokesman for Caritas Polska, Poland's largest charity, told Polish Radio.

He said this follows on from the experience Poles in the communist martial law period of the 1980s when similar aid arrived from Dutch, German and Swedish families.

The correspondence allowed them to establish direct contact and often long lasting friendships, he said.

Though Caritas Polska is a Catholic organization, Pawel Keska assured that the parcels are being sent to needy families, regardless of their religion or church to which they belong. (ss/pg)

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