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UK Poles in Downing Street anti-discrimination protest

PR dla Zagranicy
Nick Hodge 24.02.2014 15:26
Members of the UK's Polish community launched a demonstration outside the Prime Minister's residence on Thursday afternoon following an attack on a Polish biker in London.
Downing Street. Photo: wikipedia

PM's residence, No. 10 Downing Street. Photo: wikipedia

The cause of the 10 January attack was allegedly a Polish flag emblazoned on the victim’s helmet.

Some 15 people attacked the Pole during the incident in a pub car park.

The organizers of the demonstration, the Polish Youth Association Patriae Fidelis and the Polish Bikers group, say that it was not an isolated example of discriminatory behaviour towards the Polish minority.

The demonstration was preceded by a symbolic ride of Polish bikers from the place of the assault in the London suburb of Dagenham to 10 Downing Street.

In an open letter to Prime Minister David Cameron, to be handed over to his chancellery, the organizers of the protest also refer to his recent remarks in which he accused Poles of being child benefit abusers.

“This is insulting to all hard working tax payers in the UK", the letter says, adding that "according to recent UCL [University] studies, Poles have contributed with their taxes 34% more to the economy when compared to the benefits taken, more than any other minority and even the British themselves.”

Further on the letter says: "We can‘t understand why people who have respected British law, paid our taxes, contributed to the culture, have much in common and fought alongside the British on many occasions, notably in the Battle of Britain, should now be slandered."

Poles in the UK stress that Mr Cameron should explain that taxpayers in the UK who are of Polish origin are entitled to receive the same benefits as other taxpayers and should use his position to call for an end to racism against Poles. (mk/nh)

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