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Poles seek funds to uncover Ancient Egyptian tomb

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Nick Hodge 02.01.2014 13:06
A Polish archaeologist has appealed for material support in a bid to uncover what he believes to be the intact tomb of an Ancient Egyptian high priest.

Deir el-Bahari. Photo: Facebook

Professor Andrzej Niwinski of the University of Warsaw's Institute of Archaeology believes his team's work could lead to the most significant find in his field since the discovery of Pharaoh Tutankhamun's tomb in 1922.

In an appeal published in the Gazeta Wyborcza daily, the Polish professor said archaeologists are just 30 metres away from their goal, having first got on the trail in 1999.

“The success that we have dreamed about for so many years is close at hand, and only a number of rocks stand between us,” he declared.

According to the professor, 60,000 zloty (14,400 euro) still needs to be raised in order to carry out the coming season's work at the Deir el-Bahari burial complex, near Luxor.

Herihor, as High Priest of Amun at Thebes from 1080 BC to 1074 BC, effectively ruled Upper Egypt.

Professor Niwinski believes that the supposedly intact tomb will bear “at the very least” the mummy of Herihor, adorned with a gold mask and jewellery.

“It will be a great success for the University of Warsaw and Polish archaeology, and a day of great satisfaction for all those who have contributed to this success,” he assured.

“I therefore extend a heartfelt appeal to all those who would like to participate in something exceptional: support our work - we can all be explorers."

The team's work can be followed on a Facebook page devoted to the quest. (nh)

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