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Walesa: Obama failed to reclaim US's moral leadership

PR dla Zagranicy
Nick Hodge 02.01.2014 09:43
Former president Lech Walesa has declared that President Barack Obama has failed to reclaim the country's 'moral leadership' of the world.

Lech Walesa. Photo: wikipedia

“When he was elected there was great hope in the world,” Walesa told CNN in a special interview to coincide with the New Year.

“We were hoping that Obama would reclaim moral leadership for America, but that failed,” he said.

“America does not lead the world in the area of morality. In terms of the military, yes, no question about it. Economically, it is getting weaker. But in terms of politics and morality, America no longer leads the world.

“Up until the end of the last century, the United States was the last resort for all the world's problems,” Walesa claimed.

“It was the last hope for any world problem or conflict. America always helped. And now, we have lost America as this last resort.

“We have to do everything we can to recreate, to reclaim America's role. To give America that leadership role again.

“We’re just lucky that there are no bigger conflicts in the world, because if it had bigger conflicts then the world would be helpless. In the long run, it is a dangerous situation. So we are awaiting a President who will understand that.”

The former Solidarity has shown little enthusiasm for Obama in recent years, turning down an opportunity to meet the American president when he visited Warsaw in May 2011.

Walesa met Republican candidate Mitt Romney on his tour of Europe in the summer of 2013. Last November, the former Polish president declared his outright support for Romney, saying that the Republican's “moral and economic values” would be “good for America.” (nh)

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