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Will Poland be using 'drones' for 'targeted killings'?

PR dla Zagranicy
Peter Gentle 25.08.2012 08:47
The human rights NGO, Helsinki Foundation, has called on the Polish government to clarify why it plans to purchase a fleet of pilot-less “drone” aircraft.

A US MQ-9 Reaper: photo - Gerald N Nino/wikicommons

In May this year media reported that Poland's Defence Ministry plans to purchase 41 such aircraft, similar to US MQ Predator unmanned vehicles, which have been used in military operations in Pakistan.

It has been estimated that between 2004 and 2011 some 2900 people have been killed in Pakistan, with 30 percent of the victims being civilians, during “targeted killing” operations against suspected terrorists where 'drones' have been used.

US drone strikes targeted three suspected terrorist compounds on 24 August killing at least 15 people in the tribal region near the Pakistan-Afghan border, a Pakistan security official said.

The strikes in the Tundar village in North Waziristan, known as a stringhold of Taliban and al Qaeda militants, came a day after Pakistan summoned a US diplomat to protest over drone attacks, calling them "unlawful", reports the Pakistani Daily Times.

The Helsinki Foundation's questions, “whether Polish law would allow the legal implementation of 'targeted killings' and whether the Ministry of Defence has plans to carry out targeted killings and what provisions in national and international law would allow it”.

“This could lead to a gradual erosion of human rights,” says the NGO's director Adam Bodnar. (pg/ab)

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